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Do you worry that you're not good enough?

Are you experiencing a relationship difficulty?

Does your anxiety take over before an event?

Is a past experience affecting your life today?

Do you want to change the way you react?


These are just some of the challenges I have enabled clients to overcome during therapy. You may be here because life has become difficult, and you can't find a way to change things on your own.


As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, I offer a confidential, calm and compassionate relationship, where you can feel safe enough to express yourself openly to learn things about yourself which you were previously unaware of.

Developing self-awareness helps you become more accepting of yourself, empowering you to have greater control and live the life you want.
You do not have to be at a crisis point to see me. Therapy is a space for you to feel less stuck. It can be a transformative experience for you too.

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Sundraj Sreenivasan Counselling & Psychotherapy

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